Growing Cambodia is helping to change for the better the lives of some Cambodians as well as our own volunteers.  Some volunteer experiences are listed below.

“Volunteering at the schools in Cambodia was undoubtedly one of the most memorable and humbling experiences of my life. The country itself is stunning and full of history, however unfortunately it is also heavily immersed in poverty.  Despite being poor in terms of wealth, the Cambodian people are rich in happiness and content with the very little that they have.

Stepping into a Cambodian school I was greeted by dozens of smiling faces who were more excited to learn English than anything else. The children at school can be identified by their clothing as most only have one t-shirt and one pair of shorts… the simple offering of a pen and notebook makes you feel as though you’ve given them the most amazing objects in the world. The enthusiasm in the classroom makes teaching a breeze… only in Cambodia will you witness children cheering when lunchtime comes to an end and class must recommence. The realisation that you are making a difference to each and every child’s life is indescribable.

I would recommend volunteering to anyone and everyone, particularly those who love kids, enjoy a challenge and hope for a holiday that they’ll never forget.”

Jasmine – Volunteer at both schools in December 2012


IMG_0576Marce and Ross …. “ we were able to consolidate words which the older students knew. The younger students needed much more repetition of lessons. There was another group that gave lessons ….. and one day we worked together dividing the class into four groups. I was surprised that the older students learnt to sing “Twinkle  Twinkle   Little Star” alone after having it sung to them several times with the words on the white board. The younger students were able to sing it with help. We were pleased that the new classroom was well on the way to being built  when we left. The children really liked playing games ……. and with the new balls we purchased. It was good that we were able to purchase writing books, pencils and showing books. Sovann (the manager)  was always helpful and one day he took us to his home for a traditional lunch. The children were always happy to see us arrive and gave us hugs when we left. Siem Reap was an interesting town and we enjoyed eating at various restaurants, visiting the markets and places of interest……

Marcelle and Ross – Volunteers at Kok Beng school in January 2014


Being  involved with Growing Cambodia  has been one of life’s most unique and rewarding experiences.  To see the expressions on the faces  of the children when given the simplest of things such as a ball or a pencil is priceless.

Although volunteering is a giving thing I came away from the whole experience with a sense that I had certainly gained more than I had given.    I gained  a deeper understanding of what is truly important in life “
Julie – Volunteer at Kok Beng January 2014



“As a student teacher, the volunteer work I did in Cambodia was invaluable to my development and experience in front of a class. This was the most rewarding experience I have had as a student teacher. Also, the way Sovann allowed us to enter his family, home and community was a beautiful, culturally enriching experience, something you can’t find just being a tourist! We both had an amazing time with Sovann and felt really safe and comfortable because he was our tuk tuk driver. He gave us some extremely personal insights into the Khmer culture and history, including his own connection to the Pol Pot Regime. It was a truly unique experience that I would recommend to anyone!”
Abbie – Volunteer at Kok Beng July 2013