An important mention in Victorian Parliament!



A BIG THANK YOU TO the Member for Bass Brian Paynter, for his very generous contribution towards our Trivia night held in May. Mr Paynter recently discuss his attendance at our event and Growing Cambodia in a member statement to Parliament on Thursday 26th May. Please see link below for statement.

Following this, eight people from Phillip Island are heading to Melbourne for a meal in the Parliamentary Dining Room courtesy of Brian. We greatly appreciate this mention and his ongoing support.

BRIAN PAYNTER MEMBERS STATEMENT-Growing-Cambodia-2016-05-26 (1)

  • The children are just delightful and it was a pleasure to work with such dedicated staff. This trip has been busy but very rewarding….. I am learning so much more about this incredible country and all its difficulties. I can see why so many people are so passionate about Cambodia.

    -Anne, Volunteer 2016
  • Not only do they help this new young generation learn English, which is the goal, but there are so many who are benefactors of the generosity of this group, that I am so glad I found. If you ever wonder in your life if one person can make a difference , you now know that they can. 

    -Glenda, Volunteer 2016
  • This was the most rewarding experience I have ever had as a student teacher

    -Abbie, Volunteer 2013
  • I would recommend volunteering to anyone and everyone, particularly those who love kids, enjoy a challenge and hope for a holiday that they’ll never forget

    -Jasmine, Volunteer 2012
  • Although volunteering is a giving thing I came away from the whole experience with a sense that I had certainly gained more than I had given

    -Julie, Volunteer 2014