Growing Cambodia Organization is a registered Cambodian Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that is looking for volunteers to help teach English. There may also be opportunities to become involved in other projects undertaken at the schools and villages.

Volunteers will teach English alongside local Cambodian teachers. No experience is necessary – just a positive attitude and plenty of enthusiasm.

IMG_0711Our philosophy is to encourage as many people as possible to visit Cambodia – every dollar spent in the country benefits the Cambodian economy and its people. If you have the time and inclination we would love you to visit Siem Reap and volunteer at our schools. So both students and volunteers benefit alike there are no fees payable by volunteers. You are however responsible for your own accommodation, food and transport costs. There is no shortage of places to stay in Siem Reap with prices starting from as little as a couple of dollars a night. Meals are also very cheap in comparison to western prices.

Our managers will organise transport to and from the schools at a minimal cost to you. The cost depends on the number of volunteers travelling to the schools but we will let you know the exact amount before you arrive. The schools operate from Monday to Friday and we would prefer that you are available to meet with our managers for orientation at your accommodation on the Sunday afternoon before you begin your volunteer experience.

The Siem Reap region has a number of tourist attractions, including the famous temples. As part of your volunteering experience we can arrange for personalised tours including visits to local villages, the sampling of local foods and a visit to the market followed by dinner in a Cambodian home. These, and other options, can all be discussed once you have decided that you wish to volunteer.

So that everyone enjoys themselves we have a few simple rules:

  1. Volunteers must commit for at least a week to ensure that disruptions to the students are minimised.
  2. Day visits are not allowed.
  3. Volunteers must follow the Volunteer Process and complete a Volunteer Application Form.
  4. Volunteers must provide a Working with Children, or equivalent certificate, before commencing.
  5. Volunteers must agree to abide by the Child Protection Code of Conduct listed on this website.

Volunteer Process


If  after  reading  our  information (and contacting us with any questions you may have) you wish to volunteer please complete and submit our online application form.
We will confirm receipt of your application form and volunteer dates within 48 hours and forward further information. Our local Cambodian managers will meet with you before your placement and we will remain  in contact with you throughout your experience.

Being  involved with Growing Cambodia  has been one of life’s most unique and rewarding experiences.  To see the expressions on the faces  of the children when given the simplest of things such as a ball or a pencil is priceless.

Although volunteering is a giving thing I came away from the whole experience with a sense that I had certainly gained more than I had given.    I gained  a deeper understanding of what is truly important in life “
Julie – Volunteer at Kok Beng January 2014



“As a student teacher, the volunteer work I did in Cambodia was invaluable to my development and experience in front of a class. This was the most rewarding experience I have had as a student teacher. Also, the way Sovann allowed us to enter his family, home and community was a beautiful, culturally enriching experience, something you can’t find just being a tourist! We both had an amazing time with Sovann and felt really safe and comfortable because he was our tuk tuk driver. He gave us some extremely personal insights into the Khmer culture and history, including his own connection to the Pol Pot Regime. It was a truly unique experience that I would recommend to anyone!”
Abbie – Volunteer at Kok Beng July

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    Child Protection Code of ConductI have read and agree to the Child Protection Code of Conduct listed on the website of Growing Cambodia

    • The children are just delightful and it was a pleasure to work with such dedicated staff. This trip has been busy but very rewarding….. I am learning so much more about this incredible country and all its difficulties. I can see why so many people are so passionate about Cambodia.

      -Anne, Volunteer 2016
    • Not only do they help this new young generation learn English, which is the goal, but there are so many who are benefactors of the generosity of this group, that I am so glad I found. If you ever wonder in your life if one person can make a difference , you now know that they can. 

      -Glenda, Volunteer 2016
    • This was the most rewarding experience I have ever had as a student teacher

      -Abbie, Volunteer 2013
    • I would recommend volunteering to anyone and everyone, particularly those who love kids, enjoy a challenge and hope for a holiday that they’ll never forget

      -Jasmine, Volunteer 2012
    • Although volunteering is a giving thing I came away from the whole experience with a sense that I had certainly gained more than I had given

      -Julie, Volunteer 2014