Welcome to Growing Cambodia

Facilitating a self-sufficient and sustainable quality of life

The purpose of Growing Cambodia is to facilitate a self-sufficient and sustainable quality of life for rural Cambodians through education and the enhancement of health and well-being.

We believe education is crucial in empowering the current generation to improve their standard of living as it helps individuals make more informed choices about their future. Many students miss out on a proper education because they are required to work to support their families and/or their families simply cannot afford the cost of education.

Learning to speak and read English creates more and better paid employment opportunities for students upon leaving either secondary school or University. A sound knowledge of English is particularly important in the expanding tourism and business sectors.

Growing Cambodia has no administration costs. Every cent raised through fundraising, donations and other sources of funds go directly to the schools and communities in Cambodia.

Growing Cambodia now supports three Non Government Organisation (NGO) schools where English is being taught, the original schools that commenced in 2012 being located at Kok Beng and Oroluos villages. The third school at Beng village, also near Siem Reap, officially opened on 6 June 2016.

In 2017 we began supporting a fourth school by paying for two local teachers to teach English at the Koy Meng Government Primary school. In 2023 a third teacher was employed to teach English to the students next door at the Koy Meng Government Secondary school.

Growing Cambodia currently offers increased educational opportunities for over 750 students at the four schools. The free English lessons are taught by paid local teachers and volunteers. The curriculum has been expanded to include the use of computers and health and well-being lessons.

We also offer students the opportunity to attend government primary and secondary schools through a scholarship program – such students would otherwise miss out on the basic human right of an education.

Growing Cambodia also financially supports teachers and students who otherwise may miss out on the opportunity to attend and complete a university course.